From real clients with real results!

"Taylor and her “Food Happy” approach have been life changing for me!  I had been struggling with daily abdominal pain and discomfort for years.  I saw countless traditional medicine doctors (including multiple gastroenterologists) for these symptoms.  I often left these appointments feeling rushed, unheard, and frustrated; not to mention, I wasn’t feeling any better!  I was desperate for a new approach.

        I started working with Taylor a few months ago, and it has been SO refreshing.  Taylor looked at the “big picture” to get to the root of my problems.  Not only did Taylor take careful note of my current dietary habits, but she also took the time to understand many other facets of my life, including: my very busy schedule, extreme lack of sleep, and high levels of stress.  With this information she was able to create a plan that felt EXTREMELY individualized to me, and most importantly her suggestions were very manageable.  Taylor made herself available to answer all of my questions and concerns that came up along the way, and she was so sincere in every task she took on.  Taylor radiates positivity.  I don’t think the word “can’t” is in her vocabulary.  She truly wants her clients to feel supported and be SUCCESSFUL!  

        My symptoms have drastically lessened since I started my “Food Happy” journey, and I have gained so much knowledge along the way.  I have tried so many new foods and recipes that I LOVE.  My new habits are even starting to rub off on my family!  I am more confident in the food choices I am making for myself, and I am living a better life because of it.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision to put my trust in Taylor." - LM

Image by Brooke Lark