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I will explain how my services work, pricing, what you can expect from me, your role at the center of your treatment plan, and how I can help move you into a state of wellness where you feel in control of your health and your body!

If you are interested, we will proceed with scheduling your first functional nutrition consultation!

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Functional Nutrition Consultation

Your Functional Nutrition Consultation requires TWO sessions to ensure the best possible treatment outcome! 

The first session consists of a 90 minute consultation where I will ask you an extensive set of questions in order to gather as much information as possible about you, your health status, goals, and lifestyle. 

We will discuss your diet, lifestyle and any pertinent factors (genetics, environment, relationships, sleep, toxin exposure, medications, diet, exercise) contributing toward your presenting symptoms. This will help me determine the root cause driving your symptoms in order to intervene with an appropriate food plan.

The second consultation consists of a 45 minute meeting where I will present and explain your personalized nutrition plan in full detail and you can ask me any questions you may have or we can address any concerns. 

Your functional nutrition consultation includes:

Personalized nutrition plan

Personalized grocery list

Documents to track your progress

Educational material

Supplement recommendations

Sample meal ideas

1st session: $150

2nd session: $150

Payments are made after service is rendered.

Total fee for initial functional nutrition consultation: $300

Please note: all functional nutrition meetings will be conducted virtually unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by Foodhappy and the client.


Check-in Appointment

30-minute follow-up appointments

Follow-up sessions are 30 minutes and available to check-in, review, track progress, and make any necessary modifications to their nutrition plan.

Check-in appointments: $50

Payment will be made after the service is rendered.


Grocery Shopping Lists

Want to shop healthy for your family but not sure where to start?

Email me with the subject "Grocery List" and include a brief description of you and/or your family's health status, any health concerns, health goals, dietary restrictions (allergies, sensitivities), and food likes/dislikes. Based off this, I will construct a personalized grocery list catered to you and/or your family's needs.

Personalized grocery list organized by section...................$12

Invoice sent using Square, Venmo, Zelle, or equivalent