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A functional nutrition service that specializes in personalized nutrition and using food as medicine to treat the root cause of any illness.

Foodhappy (n): a state of confidence and comfortability when making food choices in any situation that you can feel good about knowing it will support your optimal health and well-being.

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"Taylor and her “Food Happy” approach have been life changing for me!  I had been struggling with daily abdominal pain and discomfort for years.  I saw countless traditional medicine doctors (including multiple gastroenterologists) for these symptoms.  I often left these appointments feeling rushed, unheard, and frustrated; not to mention, I wasn’t feeling any better!  I was desperate for a new approach..."


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What foods to put on your grocery list after eating out consecutively

Let's face it! We all like to indulge and eat meals out at our favorite restaurant or bar. Although take-out may be a more accurate option today. Nonetheless, after a week's worth of eating out on vacation I was excited to get back on track and get back to basics with whole foods. Below is a list of my grocery run and the health benefits behind the foods I selected! I wanted to include foods on this run that were going to boost my immune system after traveling, especially ami