Grocery shopping tips and tricks!

Here’s how I grocery shop,

I try and get the best possible deal for my money and my health. That’s it! Sometimes it can be a cumbersome task but one definitely worthwhile.

Some tips I have for getting the most nutritional bang for your buck is: shop for your fruits and vegetables at a produce junction, local produce retailer, or discount grocery store like Aldi. Produce can get expensive so if you can buy in bulk for cheaper or shop somewhere where it is sold at a discounted price do so and freeze whatever you don’t use right away to prevent waste or spoilage.

Buy high quality, grass-fed, pasture-raised organic meat, eggs, and dairy from your local grocery store. Since you are saving money on fruits and veggies, spending the extra dollar or two for high quality meats can be looked at as a positive investment for your health that is GUARANTEED to give you a positive return.

Finally, when picking out any foods that come in a package look at the label for ADDED SUGAR. Anything that has more than 5 or more grams of added sugar per serving should be dropped like a hot potato and put back on the shelf. This is an easy and quick way to navigate packaged foods.

This grocery haul is brought to you by #Aldi, #Big Lots, and #Shoprite.

Here's the list:

From Aldi (left to right)

- Wild caught pink salmon (frozen)

- Organic free-range chicken breasts

- Frozen mixed berries

- Frozen tropical fruit

- Goat cheese

- Grass-fed cheddar cheese

- Organic coconut oil

- Bel Gioso Mascarpone

- Pomegrante

- Avocados

- Blackberries

- Fit & Active lightly salted rice cakes

- Almonds, unsalted

- Pepitas (pumpkin seeds), salted

- Cauliflower

- Broccoli

- Colorful tomatoes

- Blueberries

- Butternut squash

- Bananas

- Almond milk, unsweetened

- Sweet potatoes

- Plantain

- Soup carrots

- Organic baby spinach

- Boston hydroponic lettuce

- Red wine vinegar

- Portabella mushrooms

From Big Lots (left to center)

- Traditional Polish cabbage slaw

- Shelled walnuts

- Frank's red hot sauce

- Clarified butter (Ghee)

- Pistachios

- Organic pitted dates

- Wasa sourdough crackers

- Bob's Red Mill Almond flour

- Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 Gluten free baking flour

- Organic canned coconut milk

- Soul food seasoning

- Vanilla extract

- Ground cinnamon

From Shoprite (center to right)

- Maple syrup

- Bowl and Basket Peanut butter, chunky

- Pete and Gerry's Organic Free Range eggs

- Tofu with DHA and omega-3

- Jicama

- Yellow lentil pasta

- Premium, crab claw meat

- 100% grass-fed ground beef

- Grass-fed beef

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