My Pantry Staples

Here's a list of nutritionist-approved staples to keep handy in your pantry and why!

Wild-caught sardines

- In extra virgin olive oil

- Omega-3 fats

- Calcium

Clean almond milk

- Only ingredients almond + filtered water

- Unsweetened

- Unflavored

- No gums, no added sugar

Organic coffee

- Antioxidants

- Linked to lower risk of diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s

- Can contain pesticides, buy organic if possible

- Don’t abuse it! Especially women, it increases your stress hormone cortisol which can cause hormone imbalances if chronically elevated.


- Contain quercetin, a polyphenol that supports immunity

Sweet potatoes

- Complex carb (fiber-rich)

- Boosts serotonin

- Source of carotenoids (precursor to vitamin A)

Dark chocolate

- Contain anthocyanins and flavonols, a polyphenol that helps lower inflammation

- 72% or higher to get anti-inflammatory benefits

- Anything lower than 72% is high in sugar (100% contains no sugar)

- Magnesium-rich

Nuts & seeds

- 1 handful a day is associated with a lower risk of death from any cause

- Fiber-rich

- Healthy fats reduce risk of heart disease

- Monounsaturated: macadamia nuts, almonds

- Omega-3 fats: chia seeds, walnuts, hemp seeds

Nut butter

- Only ingredient is nut + salt

- Avoid nut butters that contain high fructose corn syrup, palm oil, cane sugar


- Jasmine rice

- Tip: buy rice in bulk section at grocery store to save money

- Buckwheat groats

- Fermented buckwheat sourdough bread

Whole wheat bread

- If you aren’t sensitive to gluten

- Most people aren’t gluten-sensitive, they are allergic to the pesticides on wheat.

- Look for organic, unenriched flour

- Enriched flour contains synthetic vitamins, hard for our body to recognize

- Local bakery over grocery store

- Ask baker if the flour is enriched


- Sprouted, easier to digest

- Oats are a high glycemic food (which means it spiked your blood sugar)

- Keep blood sugar in mind: have with nut butter and seeds

- Slows the absorption of sugar

Einkorn pasta

- Ancient wheat pasta

- Non-hybridized wheat, non-GMO

Black rice

- Lower glycemic than white rice (won't spike blood sugar as high)

- Contains anthocyanin (antioxidants)

- Lotus Foods


- Grass-fed


- If you can tolerate them, good multi-macronutrient food: contains carbohydrates (fiber) and protein.

- Contain (lectins) can be an antinutrient

Baking staples

- Buckwheat flour

- Richer in fiber, naturally contains vitamins and minerals

- Almond flour

- Coconut flour

Natural sweetener:

- Allulose

- Not as sweet as sugar, need a little bit more

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