Savory oats

Who says oatmeal can't be savory?!

Sometimes reinventing the wheel is necessary in times of creative struggle in the kitchen, and breakfast is no exception! I wanted to create an oatmeal that could be eaten with eggs instead of blueberries but didn't want to exclude the precious nut butter that leaves me coming back to oats time and time again! I used Tahini, a Mediterranean spread that is made up of toasted sesame seeds, which are high in vitamin E and lignans that aid in detoxification and lower inflammation.

Furthermore, I decided to heat the tomatoes because cooking increases the bioavailability of lycopene, an antioxidant derivative of vitamin A. I also added crushed red pepper for a spicy kick and the metabolism-boosting properties of capsaicin. And of course, the organic free range eggs are an excellent source of protein, choline, and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats!

Taking all of the above into consideration, here's what I came up with...


Organic whole grain oats (1/2 cup, cooked)

Tahini (1 tbsp)

Eggs (Nellie's Free Range eggs)

Hemp seeds (1/2 tbsp)

Crushed red pepper (1 tsp)

Sesame seeds (1 tsp)

Tomatoes (5-6 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half)


1. Cook oatmeal as usual per instructions on the package.

2. Cook eggs (over-easy or over-medium, NOT scrambled*),

3. Heat up tomatoes in a separate pan with olive oil until they start to wilt.

4. Top oatmeal with a spoonful of tahini, eggs, hemp seeds, crushed red pepper, sesame seeds, and tomatoes.

5. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top to taste and enjoy!

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