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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Hello everybody,

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

This blog is intended to be a place where curious minds can gather to read and learn more about the current standings of nutrition research through evidence based medicine.

Before I started graduate school, my trusted search engine was Google (which, don’t get my wrong, I am a Google gal, Google is vital to life). BUT, now I understand how important it is to look for quality information from credible, reliable sources research-based studies like PubMed.

But who has time to do that?! Although most PubMed articles are free to the public, most of the public doesn’t have time to read them (understandably!), or isn’t aware that this research exists!

As a graduate student studying nutrition and functional medicine, I have had the pleasure of reading through hundreds of journal articles and summarizing research findings from anywhere between inflammation to obesity to type II diabetes to autoimmunity and the pathology of disease, stress, mental illness, toxins, whole food nutrition, cancer, supplements, antioxidants, epigenetics, gut bacteria, and everything in between!

I wanted to create a space where I could share my work and hopefully provoke thought and inspiration for people to consider the research when making decisions to work towards meaningful lifestyle change.

Reading and understanding where the current research is at is the first step towards learning about how to pursue a healthy lifestyle! But, the research only accounts if you apply it, right?!?!

Foodhappy is essentially a state of being, if we are aware of the healing and damaging effects of food, we are more equipped to make healthier life decisions. A state of calmness, admiration, and connection to food, foodhappy.

So I will also be including some plant based recipes that are super delicious, colorful, hearty, and satisfying to the tummy and the taste buds!



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